Who Needs To Buy Dutch Health Insurance?

Who Needs To Buy Dutch Health Insurance?

If you are planning to move to Holland there are a few things you need to sort out before you go. Anyone from the EU has an automatic right to live in Holland. However, when you get there you must register with your municipality to reside legally in Holland. You also need a public service number or BSN, but you get this when you register with your municipality.

Importantly you also need to sort out health insurance. You are not covered by the EHIC. That system is for tourists and only covers emergency health treatment. By law, anyone aged over 18 that lives or works in Holland has to have health insurance. Anyone who does not buy a policy can be prosecuted and fined and will not be able to access the healthcare system.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of the basic obligatory health insurance is quite low. If you budget for 100 Euros per month for each adult, you will more than cover the cost or buying coverage. However, the basic insurance does not cover everything. For example if you need physiotherapy that is not covered. You have to pay for each session. For this reason, most people who buy extra coverage, which of course covers more. You also need to bear in mind for each medical episode you have to pay and excess of 360 Euros.

No one can be refused coverage and all existing conditions are covered. The standard of care is high and you will get the treatment you need, the Dutch government has been very careful to provide a safety net to ensure that this is the case.

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