Pets and Depression

Owning a pet is a two way relationship. Everything you put into looking after your cat or dog you are rewarded with emotional bonding, exercise and quality time. Owning a pet can be so advantageous that the humble cat or dog can even help with specific medical conditions such as depression.

There are a few reasons why owning a pet could aid with depression. For example, people who own pets are generally more active, or at least they should be in regards to walking dogs etc. Exercise and activity is very important not only for a pet’s welfare but also, potentially, for your own mental wellbeing.

Arguably the most positive effect that pets can have on pet owner sis in terms of the emotional benefits. Owning a pet can be extremely emotionally rewarding and they offer unconditional love that doesn’t stray or diminish over time. This simple level of affection can make a huge difference to emotional wellbeing.

It’s long been known that simply having something to do can be a great counterbalance to a condition like depression, which is why many people in full time work enjoy increased recovery rates. This truth also applies to owning a pet. The simple routine of feeding your pet pet food and giving your pet exercise can be a real help.

There are all sorts of reasons to own a pet, what you might not realise is that pets can have a hugely positive effect on emotional well-being.

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