The Next Challenge After You Complete the Three Peaks

The exhilaration, exhaustion and sense of accomplishment that comes with completing the Three Peaks challenge is something that very few experiences in Britain can match. Which is why, for those who have completed such an impressive feat, the next logical challenge should probably be one that is further afield.

For those who have trained hard to be able to complete the Three Peaks, with very few similar challenges available, it can be very easy to then let all that hard work simply go to waste. However, by continuing to train and looking to climb Kilimanjaro, you may well find that all that hard work can offer a great deal more reward.

Whilst the sense of accomplishment of climbing three mountains in a day is a great one, the sense of achievement and the spectacular journey one gets to go on when climbing Kilimanjaro for charity is something completely different. And for those who have already built up the fitness to climb the Three Peaks, it will make far more sense to carry on training to prepare oneself for a mountain such as Kilimanjaro.

There is no denying that areas such as Snowdonia are amazingly beautiful and that the experience of climbing three mountains in 24 hours is a very special one. However, for those who have enjoyed it, heading to Africa to climb a mountain there not only offers even more spectacular sights and ones genuinely unable to be seen anywhere else in the world, but also a challenge that will push you further and reward you even more once you have completed it.