How to Make Health and Safety Training More Effective

Health and safety training forms a key part of employee induction. Ideally, an employee should have a good grasp of health and safety guidelines prior to when they start working, and this knowledge should be maintained throughout their working life. Some businesses fail to adequately train their employees, in terms of health and safety, and this obviously has various implications for that person and the business, not least the increased chance that an accident may occur.

Health and safety training then is extremely important, and there are various ways that businesses can improve how health and safety is taught to employees:
Have you considered online inductions? They can usually be set up using an array of multimedia, delivering a comprehensive form of health and safety training.

You might use video files or audio files, clearly laid out so that they can be understood by the learner. A big advantage with online training is that it can be
completed at an employee’s own pace, and more information can be conveyed for less cost.

Ensure that health and safety training is a two way process. It’s widely acknowledged that people learn best when they are allowed to engage. Sometimes, health and safety training can, to coin a phrase, go in one ear and out the other. To avoid this problem it’s important that people are allowed to ask questions, discuss pertinent issues regarding health and safety and generally offer feedback.