3 Steps to Choosing Diamond Wedding Rings

Whilst many consider it the traditional choice, lots of newlyweds still choose diamond rings for their special day. In fact, diamond rings can be traditional and they can be modern, extremely stylish, extravagant or minimalist.

So versatile are diamond rings, and so various the styles available, choosing your wedding rings can be a little bit challenging. There are lots of things to consider, gold or platinum? A solitaire or princess cut? What about colour, will you choose a dazzling white diamond or a coloured diamond?

There are lots of things to think about. You can make your decision that little bit easier by considering the following:

Gold, Silver, Platinum or White Gold?

The traditional metal for a wedding band is gold, however these days there are lots of other alternatives. Platinum can look more modern than gold, and silver can also look great whilst being that little bit more affordable.

Demure or Extravagant?

A wedding ring is something designed to be worn all the time, as such more demure, smaller diamonds are often preferred. Smaller diamonds are also more affordable. It’s worth noting that the size of diamonds is measured in carats.

Style Decisions

Perhaps the most difficult decision of all is style. Look online and you’ll discover a plethora of diamond ring styles, from eternity rings, to half eternity rings to three stone rings. The right choice for you is your own decision of course, but there is plenty of information online to guide you.