Cuisinart Food Processor Was A Great Gift For Mom’s Birthday!

Cuisinart Food Processor Was A Great Gift For Mom’s Birthday!

My mom has always been the main cook in the family. She’s always had a knack for coming up with unique recipes, and they’ve almost always been a hit. She has recently retired, so her cooking adventures have gone in a whole new direction. I was just happy to see her enjoying what she was doing with her new free time.

My mom’s birthday was coming up pretty soon, and my sister and I thought it would be a good idea to get her something to up her kitchen game, if that was even possible. We checked into some different ideas and eventually settled on a Cuisinart food processor. Our good friend who was a regular user of her own food processor gave us some tips on accessories that we could add to enhance her experience.

She suggested we visit KitchenWorksUSA and purchase the Cuisinart DLC-8 4-piece Tritan Bowl Kit part. It would allow our mom to make larger batches of meals. This would be great because when my mom found a recipe she really liked, she wanted to make more of it.

This would come in handy for our traditional Sunday dinners that we had on a weekly basis as a family. These had been a regular occurrence in our lives since childhood, and if anything they only became more important as we reached adulthood. It was really important for us to spend time with our parents.

When my mom’s birthday finally rolled around and we gifted her with everything, she was beyond thrilled. She could not wait to put it into action and make a big Sunday dinner for all of us. She even opened and washed everything right away.

She sat down and looked up some different ideas and found that she could prepare pretty much each course of dinner somehow with the food processor. She found a soup recipe, a recipe for a salad dressing, a pasta sauce recipe that she could make in big batches and freeze and a gelato recipe as well. She had the whole dinner covered and it was still 5 days away. It seemed like we made the right choice for her.

My sister and I were so happy that she was that excited about her gift. The added bonus to this was that we would also reap the benefits of her new cooking tool. Mostly though, we were glad that she would enjoy using it. It was nice seeing her so happy in her retirement, rather than growing bored and depressed.