Quality, Heritage and Value On Offer With Denby Pottery

Whenever you are buying something, from a fridge to a car, you want to make sure that you buy the best goods available. You will want to purchase goods that have been made to the highest standards by quality craftsmen or engineers. Value for money does not just mean acquiring goods or services cheaply, but ensuring that your hard earned cash has purchased quality, durable products. In the world of ceramics, Denby pottery have the experience and expertise on hand to guarantee that you will walk away with top end products that are built to last.

Two Hundred Years Of Preparation

The company has a long history of making pottery, stretching back over two hundred years to 1806. When a clay seam was discovered at Denby during construction work, William Bourne recognised its potential which lead to the production of salt-glazed pottery in Denby in 1809. Forging a reputation for quality jars to hold inks, medicines and polishes, as well as manufacturing reliable bottles, the company moved with the times when glass containers becoming cheap and easy to produce. Moving their focus to kitchenware, the company made rich glazes their trademark.

Still instantly recognisable today, the standard of the rich hues are marked by the seal of approval that is the company’s name. Quality does not have to break the bank though, plenty of items are available at the Denby pottery factory shop with a reduction of up to 50 per cent.