Workers Keen to Be Home-Based, Study Finds

The overwhelming majority of British office-based workers would appreciate more flexibility in terms of how and where they work, claim the results of a new study. 

The software provider which carried out the poll spoke to a thousand employees across the UK, and found that more than three quarters would feel enhanced job satisfaction with a more flexible work schedule.

In all, around 68% said they would like to work from home at least some of the time.

And, given that so many of us face long commutes or are juggling childcare and other commitments, that’s perhaps not surprising.

But, despite this, many employers have still not adopted a clear home-working policy, and many are not given this flexibility. According to the research, around a quarter of participants said they were never home-based, while nearly a fifth on top of this figure said there were few chances to work remotely.

And only 26% could decide when they wanted to work from home.

So, if you want to persuade your boss to work from home, you could try presenting them with the results of this survey.

But, equally, you may need to convince your employer you are properly set up to be based at home.

At the same time, the right environment and home office furniture could help you to focus, work productively and avoid some of the distractions which can crop up when working outside the office. So don’t skimp when it comes to the right equipment.

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