Bespoke shelving systems for the office

Using a bespoke shelving system to organise an office workspace is one way of helping to ensure that paperwork and other important documents are properly stored. Bookshelves and other shelving solutions can be ordered with specific requirements. These requirements will be determined by the size of the office, the items requiring storage and the available budget.

For the office, it is important that any paperwork, such as receipts, invoices and correspondence, is stored in a way which makes them easy to find. Choosing a personalised shelving arrangement which meets the needs of a business is a process which can be done step by step.

Firstly, the shelving depth and width need to be chosen; these will depend on the length of the wall they will be placed against. Uprights, which form the skeleton of the shelving unit, can also be available in a range of heights. Again, the choice of these will depend upon the height of the wall. Other options for shelves in the workplace can include upright infills, cross brace stabilisers and backboards.

Each of the options should be carefully considered along with the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. For example, storage for box files would need a specific height to accommodate their size. Storage for CDs and DVDs will also have its own specific requirements; the depth of shelving units needs to be considered when storing these types of items. Weight should also be considered to ensure both safety and durability.