The advantages of using digital printers

More and more printers in London are starting to go digital. Since digital printers use their technology to offer a wide range of services at a cost-effective price, the technique has an obvious appeal to any modern-thinking company. By using digital printing, printers are able to do away with many of the processes required when printing in the traditional manner, which means there are some significant benefits to be gained.

Although it would be fair to say that lithographical, or ‘litho’, printing still has its place, there are many advantages that come with using digital printing. Here are just a few to consider:


Digital printing is much faster than litho printing. This means that companies who have a very short deadline would benefit from using digital printing.

More affordable low volume printing

Companies who need only a small number of documents printed will find that overall costs for their documents are cheaper when using digital printers. This is because the set up costs for digital printing are much lower than the costs for litho printing.


Digital printing allows printers to customise their work. Information, graphics and artwork can easily be changed at the touch of a button, without disrupting the printing process overall.

Environmental impact

For those with the environment in mind, digital printing is the only choice. The lack of pre-press stages means that no photo chemicals or film plates are used, thus less harm is done to the environment.

All in all, the advantages of using digital printing are manifold and plain to see. With digital print companies available in London, it is certainly something to consider for businesses in the capital.