What To Buy The Woman Who Has Everything?

Getting the perfect gift for someone is an art rather than a science. Even if heavy hints have been dropped in the run up to Christmas or a birthday, the process of going into the shops and actually buying something, or pressing the “buy” button online is still fraught with difficulty. The very best presents are the sorts of things which are a treat, something which the recipient wouldn’t ordinarily buy for themselves, but at the same time is useful and practical.


A woman can never have too many handbags, and they make a thoughtful and useful gift for women of all ages. Don’t just rush into a department store and grab the first thing you see though, spend some time thinking about her requirements for a useful bag. A young mum, for example, will need a larger than average bag to carry baby essentials, whereas an older woman might like a smaller bag. If the recipient is a fan of a particular celebrity, try to buy a bag which reflects that.


Cheap handbags really are false economy as they will not stand up to repeated use and will look tatty in a matter of weeks. A leather handbag is far more durable than a synthetic one, and the look of good quality leather is impossible to replicate. Luxury leather handbags may seem an expensive indulgence, but they are worth every penny and will last a lifetime. Clutch bags are big news in the fashion world at the moment, as are classic leather bags in brown or black.