Preventative medical care for pets

Thankfully, there are lots of health treatments available for animals these days. Rather than simply reacting to accidents and illnesses, people can take their creatures in for preventative medical care. For example, as well as providing them with suitable and healthy pet food, consumers can arrange vaccinations and flea treatments.

However, it appears as though some individuals are being a little remiss when it comes to this aspect of pet care.

According to the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH), almost 40 per cent of the owners it polled claimed they would risk their lives to save their pets if they were in danger, while nearly half stated they would spare no expense on medical treatment if their pet were sick.

Despite this, almost 50 per cent of the respondents admitted they don’t keep their pets’ vaccines up-to-date and they fail to worm their animals regularly.

NOAH chief executive Philip Sketchley stated: “The vast majority of pet owners agree that being a responsible pet owner means caring for your pet, feeding it, exercising it and giving it attention. While we wouldn’t advocate heroics from owners that could potentially put their own lives at risk, it’s important that people take the next step by ensuring they’re fully informed on how to look after animals.”

He added: “That’s why getting the right expert advice and information is vital.”

As well as seeking information at the animal shop they get their creatures from, people can also source tips from professional vets and from reliable websites.