Is Owning a Pet Good for You?

There’s no denying that owning a dog or get can make you feel great, but does it actually benefit your health? Well actually there has been a fair amount of research into this, and the answer is a resounding yes. There are all sorts of ways in which owning a pet can be great for your health.

Animals can be so beneficial to health that they are used by psychiatrists or nursing homes as part of therapy. Being with an animal is thought to help people who are withdrawn come out of their shell, can be a calming influence on those with anxiety, and can be a great excuse for getting out of the house.

It goes both ways, you should take care of your pet and they will, to an extent, improve your health. Exercise is just as important for pets as it is in humans, some would say even  more so as animals tend to lead more active lifestyles. Obviously by taking your dog for a walk regularly, you too will reap the benefit of good aerobic exercise.

Pets are living breathing companions, and as such we can form bonds with them that are long lasting and just as special as human to human bonds. Pets are a great antidote to loneliness, and are ideal companions for the elderly or impaired.

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