Canine Weight Loss Initiatives

Dog owners need to appreciate just how important it is for their animals to maintain a healthy weight. Indeed, an obese pet is not only an unhealthy animal, it is also an unhappy one; so, whilst there is nothing wrong with dogs receiving a few treats every now and then, owners must ensure they remain vigilant about their animals’ weight.

Determining if a Dog is Overweight
It is easy for owners to tell if their dog is overweight. All they need to do is rub their hand down along their pet’s side, under the hair: if they can feel the ribs then their dog is at a healthy weight. If they cannot feel the ribs however then it may well be time to consider implementing a weight loss initiative.

Weight Loss Initiatives
Any responsible owner that is looking to implement a weight loss initiative for their dog must consult their local veterinarian first. Weight issues in dogs can be associated with Cushing’s disease or hypothyroidism so an accurate assessment is vital for establishing whether or not an animal is healthy enough to experience an increase in exercise and/or alteration in diet.

High-quality pet food is an integral part of any canine weight loss initiative. Indeed, a well balanced diet will provide a dog with all the nutrition they require and stop them from eating as much in order to feel full.

Without doubt, regular exercise and a well balanced diet are the cornerstones of any canine weight loss initiative.