Why a Poor Diet can make Dogs Aggressive

Everybody knows how important a balanced diet is to a person’s individual well-being. However, many people remain ignorant of the fact that this is just as relevant to animals as it is to humans. The truth is, a poor diet can seriously affect a pet’s health. In fact, feeding a dog poor quality food can be one of the main reasons for incidences of aggression and bad behaviour.

Food aggression
A hungry dog can quickly develop food aggression issues if he isn’t satisfied after eating his meal. When a dog stands over his bowl growling at his owner or other pets in the house – he is displaying signs of food aggression. To be sure, owners who have more than one dog may find themselves having to break up fights during meal times because of this behaviour.

Without doubt, food aggression can become a serious behavioural problem if it is not dealt with effectively.

Dealing with Food Aggression
Many owners find feeding their dogs high-quality pet food to be the most effective way of dealing with food aggression. The reason for this is that dogs need a combination of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, along with vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and feel good. Unlike cheap, filler-heavy food options; high-quality dog foods are able to provide all these nutrients, so any dog that is fed them will feel far more satisfied afterwards and therefore be less likely to exhibit signs of aggressive behaviour.