Three Reliable Ways to Keep a Pet Happy

Although there are many ways for owners to keep their cat or dog happy, few are more reliable than the following three options:

Feed Them High-Quality Food
Good pet food is the cornerstone of great animal health, and a healthy animal is a happy animal! Indeed, pets (like people) are energetic and in high spirits when they’re healthy; therefore it is vital that cats and dogs are given high-quality food to munch on rather than cheap filler-heavy variants as these will provide them with the nutrients they need to be healthy and happy.

Have a Good Play
Owners really ought to make the time to play with their pets each and every day. Obviously, cats and dogs do not understand ‘I’m too busy to play’, or ‘I’ve had a long day’; all they know is they’ve been lying around the house all day with nothing to do, waiting patiently for their favourite person to get in and light up their day. Even if it is just for five or ten minutes, a good play will definitely help to make a cat or dog feel happy.

Fuss Them!
Every animal is a unique being with individual likes and dislikes. Indeed, some dogs like belly rubs and ear scratches, while some cats like sitting quietly on a lap or being cuddled. Owners who take the time to fuss their animals in their preferred way really will make them feel well and truly loved.

And very happy!