5 Facts About Your Dog’s Diet

Your dog’s diet is obviously an instrumental part of their health and welfare. If your pets diet is deficient then this will not only lead to various health problems but will affect the relationship between you and your pet. An especially bad diet could be considered neglect.

Here are five facts about your dog’s diet.

Just like us, your dog needs water. Without water it won’t be long before your dog becomes seriously ill, just a matter of hours.

A dog’s diet should incorporate pet food, and human food does not carry the necessary nutrients for health. Dogs are carnivores who enjoy meat from quality sources. They may also benefit from food that is enriched with vitamins and other nutrients.

Too many scraps from the table and treats can lead to obesity, which is a condition becoming more common in dogs and can cause all sorts of problems. Healthier treats designed for dogs are a better idea.

Your dog’s nutritional requirements might change depending on factors like its age, size or whether it has a pre-existing health issue. You can get food that is specially formulated to target these conditions.

Some human foods are actually poisonous to dogs. These include chocolates and onions, and so you need to limit exposure to these kinds of potentially harmful foods.

You can find much more advice online plus online pet stores which supply all your pet food needs.