How to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Lost

If you own a dog then you have lots of different responsibilities. You need to ensure your pet gets the right pet food, that it gets more than enough exercise and that it is given all the emotional support it requires. You also have a responsibility to ensure that your dog doesn’t get lost or stolen. Of course you can never completely eliminate the risk, but here are some tips:

As long as your responsible your dog should never run away or get lost. If your dog loves you then it is unlikely to go missing. Dogs that are well trained are also typically well behaved, and will have the discipline not go missing when you’re out on a walk for instance.

There are several pet supplies you can use to ensure your dog doesn’t suddenly vanish. For example, you should keep your dog on a leash as much as you can, especially in environments which are particularly stressful or stimulating for your dog, such as the local park.

Your dog should also wear a collar. A collar attaches to a leash but it also carries identification information. It is absolutely crucial that your dog wears ID as without identification missing dogs are infinitely more unlikely to be reunited with their owners.

It is also common for dogs to be micro-chipped. Modern collars can be as small as a grain of rice and fit under the dog’s skin. They cannot be removed like collars and can be used to trace a dog back to you should the worst happen.