Catering equipment: taking the heat

Kitchens are frequently compared to hell because of the level of heat they’re associated with. Kitchen equipment needs to be designed to withstand this heat. New products come onto the market all the time which have heat resistance or heat durability in mind. Kitchen lighting also needs to be heat resistant and there are new LED bulbs on the market for use in ventilation hoods which can withstand heat of up to 176°F; meaning they can last much longer.

Catering kitchen equipment now uses more technology

When it comes to catering kitchen equipment, technology is becoming increasingly important. For example, there is now equipment which can send a message to the caterer’s mobile phone informing them that the fridge temperature needs to be increased. Research has shown that customers are more likely to eat at an establishment if they can see a picture of their food. The technology to send apps to mobile phones can be expensive for caterers; however, this method of attracting and retaining customers will become more commonplace in the future.

Kitchen equipment which prevents food waste

The simple act of labelling, colour coding food and date marking it prevents a huge amount of food waste. Correct fridge freezer storage equipment is necessary and carrying out a waste assessment over a period of several months will give the caterer an idea of exactly how much food is being wasted. By investing more in systems to limit the wasting of food, restaurant owners should find they actually increase their profits in the long term; meaning they’re also able to offer better value to their customers.