The advantages of wooden shelving

There are several options when choosing materials for bespoke shelving or bookcases; these can include wire, metal or wood. There are advantages and disadvantages of each choice and the final decision will be down to individual preferences.

Wire and metal bookshelves can be very tough and durable. They are often designed to hold very heavy items and can be used for both industrial and commercial purposes. However, these types of shelving can often look unattractive and may not always be suitable for use in the home.

Wooden shelving is often an appropriate choice for both the home and the workplace. Bookcases made from wood usually look much subtler in the home than other types and with the wide range of woods, varnishes and finishes available, they can be made to match any room or environment. Wood stains and wood paints can be used to ensure that the storage unit can be customised to exact specifications. Wooden shelving can also be made to very specific requirements and these are usually made by experienced carpenters. This means that a high standard of workmanship can usually be achieved; something that isn’t always possible with other varieties of shelving solutions.

Another advantage of wooden shelving is that small details like carved or moulded features can be added. This craftsmanship allows these storage units to be completely personalised. Wooden bookcases can be considered a good quality piece of furniture and as such, they can become long-term investments for the home and office.