Getting help with drug detox

People who have a drug problem can really struggle to get the help they need. Demand for drug rehab can outweigh the availability of good quality clinics and treatment centres.

Even when help is available, it is not always in the right format to suit the person seeking it. An approach that works for one person may not be so effective with another. Once someone has tried and failed to kick their drug habit, trying again can be even more difficult. Therefore, getting the right type of help is important.

The choice

Patients can decide to seek treatment from a clinic as an outpatient or as a resident. The nature of the addiction, the personality of the client and their support network are factors that determine which approach is right for them.

Each clinic takes a different approach and offers different types of treatment. With drug addictions, many clinics offer detox services to help their clients to cope with the physical symptoms of withdrawal. To help patients understand the root cause of their addiction, most clinics also offer some form of counselling. Some do this using group counselling, others offer one to one counselling. Many clinics also offer additional help using alternative therapies such as hypnosis or acupuncture.

Finding the right kind of help

The quickest way to find help is to use a company that knows the drug rehab providers in the UK well. They can match anyone who needs help with drug or alcohol addiction to a provider in their area with an approach that will suit them.