The Interdependency of Training and Medical Equipment

It’s certainly true that some first aid equipment is usable without training, people instinctively know how to apply a bandage, for example. It’s certainly often the case that a patient’s life will be saved by the “instincts” of those around them, who may or may not possess training. However, it’s also the case that much medical equipment is dependant, in terms of its usage, on proper training, and that even the simplest of first aid supplies are used best when those that use it have a modicum of training.

In the workplace the law is relatively clear, and it’s the responsibility of an employer to ensure that workers have access to first aid, i.e. that they are surrounded by some people who are adequately trained to use first aid equipment. This is law because proper first aid does require a modicum of training, and administering first aid without training can potentially endanger an employee.

Will you get sued for applying first aid?

It might seem a bit of a strange question but it is a pertinent one. Many would-be first aiders worry about administering first aid, especially where there is no connection with the patient. However, it is important to note that no-one in the UK has ever been sued for applying first aid, and so there is no precedent.

Why is first aid so important?

First aid can also be labelled “pre hospital care.” It is so important as it’s about keeping patients alive and in the best possible condition until they are able to receive medical care at a hospital. You might have heard of the “golden hour” and this is the hour immediately after an accident when care is most crucial, if the patient is to recover to the utmost.