Choosing bath towels

When choosing bath towels, there are usually several things which need to be considered; who the towels will be used by and the colour scheme they are to fit in with are just two examples. Towels are able to convey an image to visitors and this can depend on the thickness and feel of the fabric, the way they are folded and any colour schemes and patterns.

Bath towels are available in a variety of densities and thickness. The heaviest and thickest towels are generally made from the best fabrics, such as organic cotton or Egyptian cotton. Although it isn’t always the case that the thickest towels are of the best quality, generally a heavy towel can provide the most luxurious sensation.

For the home, it is important to choose towels which can be used by the whole family. There are a wide range of colours and patterns available but towels which can offer softness whilst still being easy to keep clean tend to be a popular choice.

For businesses, luxury bath towels can be a sign of professionalism and attention to detail. For commercial buyers, a towel’s absorbency can be a key factor. When towels are being used by a variety of people on a regular basis, the importance of being able to keep them clean is a priority. Luxury bath towels should generally be washed on a cool temperature and colours should be separated. Washing powder should be used minimally and added extras such as fabric conditioners should be avoided in order to retain the towels absorbency.