Towel solutions for businesses

Although towels are often considered an item for the home, many businesses also require towel solutions. Industries such as hotels, beauty parlours and fitness centres are just some of the types of firms which need bath towels. These kinds of industries have many of the same requirements in towels that most homes have; however, they also have their own unique needs. For instance, although many businesses want to invest in luxury bath towels, they will also need them to be durable and hard wearing. When towels are used regularly by different clients, they will need washing every day for health and safety reasons and general cleanliness.

Towels used in the beauty business need to be especially robust as these can be used in a variety of ways. This can range from drying hair, rubbing off oils after a massage or protecting clothing during a hair dying or other treatment process. Also, in a salon environment, towels can often end up on the floor.

Hotels also require a large variety of towels. This can include spa towels and general bath towels. High-end guesthouses and hotels will invest in luxury bath towels to convey an image of indulgence and comfort. However, as these can be used regularly by different guests, they need to be able to withstand constant washing and conditioning on an industrial level. Many specially made hotel towels are designed to meet these needs. As well as towels, bathrobes and facecloths are also requirements of the hospitality and beauty industry.