Eco-friendly commercial window cleaning

Every housewife or househusband knows the frustration of using a regular window cleaner and ending up with streaky lines on the glass. When it comes to commercial window cleaning, people cannot afford to make mistakes because of the huge volume of glass they clean, so many now use tried and tested eco-friendly products. There are around 760 windows in Buckingham Palace, which are cleaned every six weeks. Universities frequently have more windows and invariably use commercial window cleaning for university summer turn around cleaning. Eco-friendly window cleaning ingredients include alcohol and vinegar as well as soap.

Commercial cleaning makes it easy to comply with health and safety

Window cleaning is not a sport, but it can be as dangerous as one if not conducted properly. Commercial window cleaning staff are trained in health and safety procedures because of the heights they have to work at, the weather variables and what to do in the event of an accident.

The HSE wants:

– Broad provision of means allowing safe access in commercial property buildings, in compliance with the Workplace (welfare, safety and health) Regulations (1992).

– Architects, designers and engineers involved in all buildings ensuring the possibility of safe window cleaning. New industrial and commercial buildings should have information kept in the health and safety file covering access for safe window cleaning.

– Ladders to meet British Standard either BS 1129 (Wood) or BS 2037 (Aluminium). All ladders longer than six metres must be secured.

Commercial window cleaning companies also keep abreast of EU law and comply with both national and international health and safety procedures.