What are the Benefits of Being a Nanny

Careers in childcare are a great option for those who are unemployed and overqualified. Let’s be honest, it’s never been quite as difficult to get meaningful employment. Childcare is an exception to this and there are always childcare jobs available for well trained, high quality Nannies.

Always in Demand

Nannies are always in demand. This is especially true when we include Nanny jobs abroad. English speaking Nannies are especially in demand in places like Russia. Many international families want their children to grow up bi-lingual and employing an English speaking Nanny can be an important step towards achieving this.

Good Wages and Benefits

Because English Nannies are in demand Nanny jobs tend to have very good wages plus additional benefits. For example you might become a live-in nanny and therefore not have to pay rent. This could save you many hundreds of pounds especially when you are working in a big city such as Moscow.

Time with Children

All nannies should love children and everything they do should be underpinned by empathy and sensitivity to a child’s needs. Working with children can be very
fulfilling and it can be a real job bonus to know that you’re such an important part of a child’s development, whether this means their emotional or intellectual (e.g. teaching English) development.

If you want to work as a Nanny why not consider working as a Nanny abroad?