What is the Value of a Car Data Check?

For just a few pounds it’s now possible to check the history of any vehicle with a registration number. All you have to do is input the registration number into the website and you’ll get a comprehensive list of several aspects of the vehicle’s history. A car check draws information from a variety of official bodies, including the DVLA and police records. 

What Does a Car Registration Check Cover?

A car data check will uncover a range of aspects of a car’s history. For example, it will tell you the number of previous owners, whether the car has ever been reported lost or stolen, whether the car has been written of and the colour and number plate change history.

What is the Value of this Information?

This information can be extremely valuable, especially when you are buying a used car. When you are buying used you might feel a little disenfranchised from the process, especially if you don’t have  much experience buying or selling cars. By running a data check you can get a better grasp on the real condition of a car plus flag up any possibility of fraud.

For example, you may discover that the car you are going to purchase has been registered as stolen. Or you might discover that a vehicle has been written off or that the seller is not being upfront about the number of past owners etc.