Suitable clothing for Pilates classes

Like yoga, Pilates does require some specialist clothing to make the training session comfortable and relaxing. To maximise the impact of the session, it is important to wear Pilates clothing which is appropriate for the class. Generally, it is important to avoid loose clothing; most Pilates instructors want to see how the muscles and bones of limbs are lined up. With this in mind, Pilates clothing should be fitted to help show the outline and definition of the core muscles.

Pilates classes can create a lot of body heat and sweat and tighter clothing can help to manage this better than baggy sports gear. In Pilates, there is also a lot of bending and stretching so it is important to wear clothing that will not ride up or fall down. Tops should not be too low cut, for example. Pilates can also involve exercises where the participant needs to lie on their back. It is, therefore, important to avoid loungewear which has zips or ties at the rear. These types of fastenings can easily dig into the flesh when lying down, making the experience uncomfortable and painful.

Although many people choose to wear shorts for Pilates, it is crucial that they are not cut too high. When twisting and bending, high cut shorts can reveal too much flesh and can also can dig into the skin. Wide pants or shorts can also reveal too much skin during an exercise regime, so tighter fitting trousers may be more appropriate.