The importance of wearing yoga clothing

Yoga is an activity designed to relax both the body and mind. To be able to undertake formal classes successfully, it is important that the correct type of yoga clothing is worn. Wearing the appropriate tops, bottoms and shoes can enhance the experience and help improve the sense of comfort and wellbeing. Yoga clothes tend to be made from organic fabrics and are often worn in several layers. Although there are no set rules about what should be worn, there are some things worth considering.

Yoga tops should generally be made from flexible, breathable fabric. It is important that any stretching and reaching can be done comfortably without the top riding up or pinching skin; this is especially important around the arm area. A small amount of elastic may also be appropriate around the hem to prevent the top from falling up when doing bending exercises.

Yoga clothing also consists of pants or trousers. These bottoms should be comfortable and sweat resistant. The trousers are often tight fitting and are frequently cropped at the knee or calf (though full length bottoms are also available); however, many prefer loosely fitted bottoms for extra comfort. It is important that these are of a suitable length to avoid tripping.

Although yoga is often done bare footed, there are occasions when yoga shoes are appropriate. If shoes are worn, they should be very flexible and non-slip. The shoes should also be securely fastened to the feet to avoid accidents.