5 Things To Do On a Belfast City Break In 2017

5 Things To Do On a Belfast City Break In 2017

You may be surprised to hear that Belfast is one of the most exciting cities to visit in the UK, perhaps even in Europe. With a wealth of culture, entertainment, shopping and history to explore, there’s every reason why you should make sure you pay a visit in 2017.

Here are five things to make sure you do during your time in this Northern Irish gem.

Belfast Castle

Located adjacent to one of the highest points of the city – Cave Hill, stands the grand Belfast Castle Estate. Not only does the area offer some incredible views across the whole Belfast and its stunning Lough, but the castle itself offers an interesting insight into the history of the city. It won’t be hard to notice the location of the castle when you are in Belfast- its outline is visible all across the city. So go on a wander, or get on one of the many bus or city tours Belfast has to offer and be taken straight to castle itself.

The Ulster Museum

Belfast’s Ulster Museum is great for those looking to learn about the history of Belfast, but also to see some amazing artefacts from ancient times such as dinosaurs, art and even an Egyptian Mummy! This wide range of things to see ensures that you won’t go bored, whatever your age. And the best thing about the museum – it’s free entry for all visitors, meaning it’s great for those planning a city break on a budget.

Victoria Square

No city break is complete without doing a bit of shopping, and in Belfast’s Victoria Square, you have a huge variety of outlets, restaurants and department stores across four levels of beautiful shopping centre. This expands even further onto the pedestrianised streets, and is topped with an iconic dome which has come to represent the centre. Make sure you leave a bit of room in your suitcases to ensure you are able to fit everything in for your trip home!

Explore the Titanic

The historic Titanic cruise liner was famously built in Belfast, and the city was its final stop before its fateful voyage across the Atlantic in 1912. At the Titanic Belfast visitor centre, history buffs can learn all about this iconic ship, from how it was built, what it was like to sail on her, and how it can to a distressing end for hundreds of its passengers. You can even try some of the meals from the menus that were offered on board over 100 years ago in the Rayanne House restaurant.

Giro d’Italia

Cycling has become such a huge sport in the UK over the last couple of years following successes in the Tour de France and the London Olympics. Now, those who are visiting Belfast between May 8-10 can experience the start of one of the Grand cycling tours, the Giro d’Italia. Expect around 200 of the world’s best professional cyclists to be there, with likely appearances from Mark Cavendish and members of the Sky Pro Cycling Team.

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