What are your Options for Airport Parking?

Holidays can be complicated affairs. Unless you’re going on a package holiday, you’ll have to arrange each element of your vacation separately, book the flights, accommodation, plan your budget etc. On top of these responsibilities, there’s little room for additional arrangements. 

What about airport parking? You might need it, especially if you plan on driving to the airport. Here are your options.

If you’re looking for cheap airport parking you might consider secure off-site parking. This is where your car is kept near to an airport, but not on-site. As there is some distance between the car park and the terminal, this is the most cost effective option.

You can also park at the airport itself. This is the most convenient option, and there will be minimal travel from your car to the terminal. For instance if you choose on-site parking at Heathrow airport, rather than having to take a shuttle bus to the terminal you’ll be able to walk there.

For ultimate convenience, and  greater expense, you could opt for valet parking. This is where you turn up at the airport, and hand your car over to a valet you’ll park it for you in a secure compound.

There are various kinds of airport parking to suit anyone and you can book parking spaces very easily online. The booking process is simple, that’s one less thing to worry about!