Cloud Computing Is Changing The World: Things You Should Know

Cloud Computing Is Changing The World: Things You Should Know

Although you’re aware that cloud computing is important and is becoming more widespread, what few people are aware of is the many differences that the practice of cloud computing could be having – without them even realizing.


Because cloud computing offers users the ability to work on the go and from more convenient locations, many businesses are reporting that their processes are now faster and more efficient –  which is in turn delighting the customers.

Cost Saving

In a recent cost cutting exercise by a UK hospital, in Frimley Park, cloud computing was found to offer a variety of benefits, not least cost cutting. Cloud computing was brought in in an effort to try to save money by innovating IT systems. The trial was successful and the NHS is now suggesting that other hospitals within their management offer similar systems: especially given that the many savings the trust was able to make could be ploughed back into patient care.


Another British firm, Betfair have also disclosed that using cloud computing has allowed them to stay ahead of their competition with immediate and mobile access to many of the gambling and gaming services they offer.

Smaller businesses

For their part, many smaller UK and US based businesses have confirmed that the use of Houston cloud computing enables them to offer their staff a more flexible approach to working which in turn gives them more loyalty and staying power from those employees whilst the businesses benefit from being able to be in constant contact with their staff – wherever they may be.

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