Reasons To Visit New York

Welcome to New York City. Also known as the “Big Apple,” New York is a dream destination city you have to see and experience firsthand. New York has something for everyone, from live entertainment, fashion, food and museums counting among a myriad of its best attractions. When you visit New York, this amazing place is going to leave you with unforgettable experience. The city life itself is enough to keep you entertained the entire day, and night! The place is not referred as a “city that never sleeps” for nothing.

Well, you have your USA ESTA and you want are visiting New York? You have come as a tourist or as a businessman? Whichever the case, here are list of the best things you can do when you begin your New York City travel escapade.

Visit Chinatown and Little Italy

With your USA ESTA visa waiver program, why not discover the American Dream in the neighborhoods of shrinking Italy and growing Chinatown? You are bound to discover strangely hanging Peking Ducks in a number of restaurants along Mott Street. There are glistening fish stalls and fruit markets around here. Well, go further and cross the Canal Street into Little Italy and discover what makes it a small version of Italy. This place has been home to many Italians who arrived to New York at the end of 19th Century, seeking better life in the Land of Dreams.

Wander through Central Park

This is one of the most famous parks in United States and a great place to enjoy outdoor pleasures. Here, you have the opportunity to do different recreational activities such as riding on Friedsam Memorial Carousel. Walk around Belvedere Castle, or just take part in inland skating in Wollman Rink. You are going to have an amazing experience here. Well, the fun part about this famous park is that it’s virtually free! Do not forget to take amazing photos for posterity.

Visit the famous Empire State Building

Is a trip to New York City complete without a visit to the famous Empire State Building? This is among the most renowned skyscrapers in the world. This building was built in 1931. It stands at a height of 1,224 feet. You may go up to its observation decks at 102nd floor (quite a towering height). You should also not forget to experience the exciting simulated helicopter ride, called New York Sky ride that provides tourists with a practical trip around the city.

Experience the uncontrolled Times Square night life

This city never sleeps. You long to experience its night life? Well, check out Times Square. This is the heart of New York City. Relish the excitement, glamor and free-spiritedness of the city in this timeless spot. Times Square is a continually bustling tourist magnet, and among the most visited places in the world.

Famous for its rich menu of entertainment, many tourists come here to attend a Broadway Show, and you would not like to be left behind. You may also take a walk and see MTV headquarters and the iconic Paramount building.

Having your USA ESTA? Visit New York, without doubt among the best travel destination in the entire world and relish in these amazing beautiful places.

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