Stab proof vests are becoming more common in urban policing

Crime is just a fact of life in a big city. Residents just shrug their shoulders and accept that every once a in a while their car might get damaged or a flat on their street will get broken into. The police do a sterling job, but sometimes the sheer scale of a city presents huge logistical challenges and resourcing issues.

It’s also on these big city streets that police are more likely to encounter danger in the form of armed criminals. Thankfully the UK has avoid the gun culture of the US, but even so criminals and youths do arm themselves and will lash out if provoked. Knife crime has hit the headlines and is a constant threat and menace.

Body armour is increasingly a must have for officers on patrol. It’s a great addition to standard issue tactical clothing. It’s subtle and lightweight, giving officers extra protection without alarming the public or compromising mobility. Perfect for urban policing.

In a nasty situation that is threatening to spiral out of control, stab proof vests can make all of the difference. It’s a fact of life now in some inner cities that knife crime is on the rise. Police do a tough job in often trying conditions. It’s only right and fair that they receive the equipment they need to minimise the risk of harm. Thanks to the efforts of these officers the streets are safer. They put their bodies on the line each and every time they go out on patrol.