Tips for Choosing Timber

Timber is the broad term used for all wood that is used in construction, DIY or home improvement projects. Because it is such a broad church choosing the right kind of timber can be a challenge, especially for the amateur enthusiast or keen DIY-er. Here are some tips for choosing timber:

Consult Your Timber Merchant

Timber merchants understand timber and so it’s a good idea to consult them if you have any problems. Obviously, you’ll be able to source all kinds of timber from them and they should be able to offer you additional services like sheet cutting etc. Timber merchants are specialists in timber and so there are few better places to seek advice.

Think About Aesthetics

Aesthetics is all about the way things look. Sometimes in construction it’s about how things perform as opposed to how they look, however more-often-than-not aesthetics is a key factor too. Different kinds of wood have different aesthetics. For instance a hardwood like oak is associated with a high quality aesthetic.

Think About Material Attributes

Just as different woods have different aesthetic attributes so they have different physical attributes. Some woods are very easy to cut, such as MDF, whilst others have inherent durability, such as hardwoods. Often, the better performing a material is the more expensive it is, and so this will have to be factored into your choice of timber.