Conditions that Affect the Quality of Your Nails

Nails are relatively durable, and when they break off they usually grow back. However, they can also be vulnerable to all sorts of issues, problems that can affect the quality of nails. If you suffer from a nail issue then this might knock your confidence, or may even be a sign of a more serious underlying healthissue. Here are some of the problems that can affect nail quality:

Your nails might become discoloured either with old age, or because you smoke regularly. When smoking related, discoloured nails are affected by nicotine which stains the fingers. Cessation of smoking obviously cures smoking-related discolouration.

Nails can also become brittle, i.e. they easily break and may become fragile as they increase in length. Thin or brittle nails can be a sign of aging, or even a sign that the body lacks important nutrients. Thin or fragile nails can be treated by Nailtiques, such as Nailtiques Formula 1 and Nailtiques Formula 2, which are designed specifically to treat problem nails.

Perhaps the most common nail-related issue is self-inflicted, i.e. nail biting. Biting of nails is a common behaviour often associated with anxiety or habit. Biting too regularly on nails can cause them serious damage, and lead to unappealing, unattractive nails. Body care products like Nailtiques can be used to treat nails that have been bitten and need to be rejuvenated.