Making the Most of Smaller Spaces Using Furniture

More and more of us are choosing to live in smaller properties. Sometimes this is due to necessity, enforced downsizing in other words, and sometimes this is down to personal choice. Smaller homes expend less energy, and they can feel more homely, more organised and are obviously easier to maintain.

But how do you stuff all the functionality you need from a home into a more modest living space?  There are solutions, one of which is to think carefully about choosing your furniture.

Generally speaking modern and contemporary homes are smaller than period properties. Designers understand this, and contemporary furniture can be more spatially efficient. For example, if you want a dining table but simply don’t have the space for a traditional style, look for a more demure modern dining table instead.

Lots of modern furniture has functionality that lends itself to smaller spaces. To explain, a table might be able to extend or pack away as needs be, modern chairs might be stackable, for easier storage, or your modern sofa might double as a fold out bed.

It’s not just about saving space in real terms, and the illusion of space matters as well. What does this mean? Well it’s about using furnishings, mirrors especially, and light to make rooms look bigger. Use of colour can also work in this regard, with brighter colours lending themselves to the illusion of space.