Ensuring a Marketing Strategy Translates

It’s easier than it’s ever been for businesses to reach out into foreign markets. The internet facilitates this, and anyone can set up an international business and start trading across geographical boundaries. One obstacle remains, however: the language barrier.

This too can be overcome, with help from the internet. Online you’ll find an extensive range of translation companies, many of them specialising in business translation. So, all you need to do is send them your English marketing and they’ll ensure it’s fit for a foreign marketing, right?

Unfortunately, translating a marketing strategy isn’t quite as easy as this. A good marketing campaign is very finely tuned for a specific market, and might have cultural connotations that simply don’t work abroad. One solution may be to not translate your marketing materials at all, hopeful that your audience has enough grasp of English to fully understand it.

For obvious reasons, this is not a great idea. Instead, you might translate your marketing materials word for word. But what about those cultural connections, do you risk losing the sense, and therefore the power, of your marketing campaign?

Another solution is re-create your marketing strategy for a foreign market, from the ground up. There’s a lot of work involved here, but it’s obviously a very sensible thing to do. Translation will obviously form a key part of this process, and your initial move should be to have an accurate translation of your English materials done by professional online language translations

Author: Blogger outreach experts and Content Creator Austin Kohli