CCTV systems – can be optimised by video analytics

Some members of the public can be a little wary of CCTV systems, arguing that they are overly intrusive. However, the advantages of CCTV systems far outweigh any apparent disadvantages. Professionally installed CCTV systems bring numerous benefits, which include: Reducing daytime crimes, such as shoplifting; deterring criminals; helping staff in a variety of workplaces feel safe and secure, as well as reducing the fear of crime.

Moreover, a relatively recent innovation has the potential to make CCTV all the more effective, and informative: Video analytics. Video analytics, also known as video content analysis, is the computerised analysis of video footage in order to detect patterns or anomalies. What makes the technology special is that it does not just concentrate on single images; rather, the process is one of intelligently making connections between frames in the footage, as determined by extremely clever computer algorithms.

When deployed to run in real-time, in parallel with incoming video footage, video analytics becomes a useful addition to the armoury of a building operations manager. The video analytics programme can be tasked, for instance, with flagging up entrances or exits by people in to part of a building, such as a room or warehouse. The software can be charged with focusing on a particular area, such as the corner of a warehouse containing high-value goods, and then tracking any irregular movement around them.