Making Sure Your Healthcare Insurance Is Right for You

When looking to buy expatriate medical insurance, you need to make sure that it is providing an adequate level of cover for your health needs. Of course, trying to anticipate what your future health needs will be requires a certain degree of clairvoyance, so for many expats choosing the right policy is a bit of guesswork and gambling. However, there are some key features you should look for.

You should check that your expat medical insurance, no matter what level of policy you go for, has your best interests in mind. This includes settling your claim directly with the hospital and not delaying too much in settling claims with you. Are you able to contact them easily with a 24-hour helpline?

Although you can’t always anticipate your future health, you can make some predictions about the future. If you’re nearing retirement, check that you will still be covered once you retire. You will also need to check if the insurer covers chronic medical conditions or existing conditions.

Do you intend to travel, either for work or leisure purposes? If so, are you going to be covered while in those countries, or will you need to take out a separate travel insurance policy? Similarly, does your policy offer emergency evacuation? This can be extremely important if you live near the country’s border, as it may be quicker to be treated in the neighbouring country in an emergency situation. Decide if you really need repatriation services – if your new country of residence has great medical services, then this is unlikely to be necessary.