The Anatomy of a Great Handbag

As accessories go, the handbag is that which is most desired. Women have a taste for handbags that is insatiable. Like beautiful shoes, elegant, luxury handbags are synonymous with  great style and high fashion. But what is it about handbags that is so appealing, to put it another way: what is the anatomy of a great handbag?

It’s a difficult thing to pin down. Handbags aren’t just about style, but they’re also about practicality. Does the handbag fulfil your practical needs? In other words, is it large enough? Different kinds of bags offer different levels of functionality. A tote bag will be larger, and so have all the space required for modern living, mobile phones, make-up etc.

A tote isn’t your only options of course, and nor might it be always appropriate. Depending on your overall look you might consider a more demure alternative. For example, sling-back or clutch bags are more demure, but will still give you space in which to carry those most important accessories.

The quality of luxury bags is determined not just by the integrity of its design, but it is also dependant on materials. Leather bags are the epitome of quality, and here you have several options: calfskin, goatskin or even ostrich. Each of these materials has its own tactility, but each delivers an awesome aesthetic.

Finally, bags look is largely affected by colour. When choosing a luxury bag think carefully about colour matching with your own style, personal taste etc.