Achieving Document Security in an Office Space

The Data Protection Act now looms closely over businesses. There are good reasons for this, and instances of identity theft and corporate espionage are increasing all the time. This underlines the need for document security in an office space, which can be achieved, in part, through the implementation of shelves.

Simply by increasing the scope for organisation is a viable way to improve document security. Think about this practically, and when documents are not stored correctly they much less likely to go missing or to get stolen, it’s common sense really.

When your documents have to be destroyed, in line with The Data Protection Act, then well organised documents can much more easily be retrieved. If your documents are stored logically and methodically then document retrieval becomes as easy as one-two-three.

Traditionally, the problem with shelving is that it would tend to be generic, offering a one size fits all solution to the problems of document storage. Usually this would be OK, however if your modus operandi veers from the norm then it could present some issues. Thankfully, these days custom shelving can fulfil specific needs, offering bespoke solutions to specific problems.

In order to bolster the security of your paper archive you can implement various security features, such as biometrical locks or CCTV. Often, you’ll need to comprehensively destroy sensitive documents for which you can use shredding companies, or you can handle this responsibility in-house.