A Guide to Office Shelving

An office is greater than the sum of its parts, however each single part really does matter. We’re not just talking about the people here, but we’re also talking about things like office shelving. A functional office needs great shelving, here are a few tips for choosing the right shelves for a professional environment:

Think about what you need to store and the nature of the working environment. Smaller items like stationary will require medium duty shelves, which can very easily be constructed and can fit into tighter spaces. For larger options, more heavy duty shelves are required. This might all seem a bit obvious, however when you look online you’ll be struck at the range of options that are actually available.

Space matters too. Thing of the following measures when you’re choosing shelves for an office: size, e.g. length and width of the space, this is important for obvious reasons, think also about the position of fire exits, passage ways etc, you may violate health and safety law if you block these, also think about the load bearing potential of shelving.

Some shelving is very adaptable. This means it can relatively easily be changed to match various circumstances. This is often known as modular shelving, and makes a perfect choice for modern working environments. Whilst the shelves can be adapted to a specific needs, their durability and strength remains inherent. You can find more information about modular, adaptable shelving by looking online.