Why Themed Business Calendars Pack Extra Punch

Why do businesses advertise with calendars? It’s simple really, because business calendars pack a real visual punch. We know that the best marketing methods often work on the visual plane, and it’s certainly true that people are very visual animals, which includes your audience.

One way to ensure that your calendars are well equipped to work is to choose themed calendars. Essentially, these are calendars which have visual continuity running through them. So, they are designed according to various themes, these could be relatively broad themes like nature, or something more specific like a particular visual artist.

Rather than having a hodgepodge of different images, themed calendars work great because they are able to convey messages. As we all know, great advertising is about messages, both explicit and covert. It’s simple really, for instance a calendar with a natural theme helps to convey ideas of environmentalism, perhaps supporting your corporate commitment to the environment.

From the perspective of the designer, themed calendars are great because they are easy to produce. Rather than having to think hard about what image best fits for what month, with a theme everything just kind of fits into place. If you’re short on time, adopting a theme for your calendar is a great way to lubricate the production process.

Online you can find a range of calendar printing services, offering a wide range of themed calendars, ideal for the corporate context.