One of the world’s most prestigious locations

When looking for office space to rent, all entrepreneurs take account of the value which being present in a particular district can add to their business. Some places have an international reputation as commercial centres. Potential customers will have a very positive image of a company if it is located in one of the best spots. The West End of London is a special place for commerce and those who use Mayfair offices within the West End will be making the most of what any address can deliver.

Mayfair: a short historical note

Today, Mayfair is known for wealth. In the seventeenth century, it got its name from a popular fair which was held in spring on the site of a market. At the time it would not have seemed likely that Mayfair would develop into a beautiful and rich quarter of the city. However, the fair was stopped in the next century by families of local influence and the area evolved from there.

Being at London’s core

Mayfair is positioned between Park Lane, Piccadilly, Regent Street and Oxford Street. The New West End Company represents many retail interests in the area and lobbies hard on their behalf. The economy of Mayfair benefits a lot from being close to dynamic year round activity.

If Mayfair is on a website and a firm’s business cards, it shows that they are likely to be going places. When businesspeople think of Mayfair and its associations, all sorts of positive things tend to come into their mind.