Relaxing room fragrances may help people sleep

Lots of people in the UK struggle to nod off after the lights go out and over time, sleeplessness can really take its toll.

It can result in headaches, a loss of concentration and fatigue. As well as being generally unpleasant, these symptoms can eventually lead to difficulties at work and at home.

It’s no wonder then that so many people are desperate to find a solution to their insomnia. NHS Business Services Authority figures cited by the Co-operative Pharmacy suggest that the NHS shells out almost £50 million each year on sleeping pills. Last year alone, pharmacies dished out more than 15.2 million sleep aids.

The Co-operative Pharmacy’s Mandeep Mudhar, said: “Our research shows that millions of people suffer from a lack of sleep each year and are seeking medical help for the problem.”

He added: “However some sleeping drugs are only recommended for short-term use because they can lead to psychological dependency and lose their effectiveness over time.”

Rather than using medication, some consumers opt to go for a more natural approach and make changes to their routine and sleeping area to help them get enough shuteye. For example, there are fabulous room fragrance products available that can help to aid relaxation.

By choosing the perfect home fragrance for them, people might find they can fall asleep much more easily. For example, a lot of people opt to purchase delicate and comforting lavender fragrances.