Scientist Calls for Sports Bras for Girls in School

Dr Joanna Scurr of Portsmouth University is an expert in breast movement, and knows a thing or two about women’s lingerie. She has called for all PE kit in schools to compulsorily include sports bras, to stave off long-term problems.

Dr Scurr says many young girls exercise in regular bras, but this can lead to issues from pains to long-term drooping of the breasts, and embarrassment.

And a campaign to get lingerie that’s designed for sports as a mandatory piece of PE kit  has been featured on national TV, with Dr Scurr arguing that this underwear should be no different to, say, mouthguards for hockey or rugby, which are used routinely.

She commented: “Many young women don’t appreciate the implications of making the wrong decision on breast support. Our work has found that wearing the right bra lessens movement of the breast, reducing the risks of both pain and long-term sagging.

“Giving girls the right information early on can enhance how they feel about their bodies, and could even encourage more girls to take up sport in school.

“There’s as much movement with slow jogging as fast sprinting, and there can be pain and discomfort whatever the breast size.”

The research was carried out with a UK independent running gear retailer.

The university and the retailer are to provide educational workshops on breast health as a pilot scheme.

Dr Scurr concluded: “The right support can make a difference, and the challenge is to communicate that to young women nationwide.”