Spill Kits Used in Shropshire?

Experts were this summer looking to find the cause of an oil spill that occurred in Shropshire at the Clungunford borehole, which supplies water to thousands of households in nearby Bishop’s Castle.

The local paper reported that the water company decided to cut off the facility’s water supply after oil was found to have got into the ground surrounding the water supply. And an alternative borehole at Oakley Farm was used instead.

However, this was purely a precautionary measure, and there was no definite proof of water contamination. Equally, the water company stressed that there was no disruption to local residents’ supply.

However, on site experts were reportedly able to use spill kits and similar specialist equipment to deal with the issue. And the Environment Agency and the water company joined forces in investigating the situation.

Tankers were originally deployed when the Clungungford borehole was closed down earlier in the summer to take clean water to top up the reservoir at Bishop’s Castle while adaptations were made to the Oakley Farm borehole to boost production.

If oil had got through the ground and inside the borehole the water table may have been contaminated, so the case has highlighted the need for caution, and the importance of equipment such as a good oil spill kit.

With the right tools, it’s easy to act promptly and effectively in the event of any spillages. Kit contents vary depending on the type of material that has been spilled and how big the spill is. Learn more online.