The Inspiration for Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby chic painted furniture is all the rage at the moment, but just where did this style and tradition come from? With its origins in the French provincial style of the 17th and 19th centuries, this style of furniture was most often seen in rural country homes across France. It is characterised by light and bright wooden and iron pieces, with a slightly distressed style, allowing the wood to show through the unfinished or washed painted style.

Rural craftsmen across the country started to copy elaborate furniture designs that could be found across Paris during Louis XV’s reign. They would use wood found locally, such as beech, oak and walnut, and then complement these with natural-coloured paints such as white, light green, sky blue and gold.

Shabby chic furniture is often complemented with plenty of home furnishings and textiles in similar neutral and pale colours. Plenty of cushions and linens are popular, particularly in other vintage fabrics such as floral bedspreads, for example. Elegant lamps, rugs and mirrors can also help to complete the look.

Many people have embraced this style of furniture because it is in such contrast to the cold and bare minimalist style that has reigned throughout the 21st century. Soft and warm, it reflects the newfound love for vintage style that many people are gladly taking up, although perhaps with a more romantic feel to it than the British floral style associated with English country tea rooms. This is why shabby chic bedroom furniture is such a perfect choice for your home.