Treating the Most Common Sports Injuries

It’s not just professional footballers who suffer from painful sports injuries. Those having an informal kickabout with their friends or even who play for a local team after work are actually more likely to suffer an injury, precisely because they’ve usually spent most of the day sat at a desk. No matter where you play, getting some knowledge and equipment for basic first aid for sports injuries is definitely a good idea.

The most common sports injuries are hamstring strain, groin pull, ankle sprain, knee injuries, and shin splints. To avoid being injured you should always make sure you warm up properly, although this won’t definitely prevent you from being injured of course.

Make sure you have a basic football first aid kit stocked with essential supplies such as bandages (in different sizes), ice packs, disinfectant wipes, splints and dressings, as well as other necessary equipment such as scissors, safety pins and gloves.

To treat most sports injuries, the PRICE method will usually be applicable. PRICE stands for:
P = protect from further injury (using a splint, pad or crutch);
R = restrict activity. Make sure that the injured rests the affected body part (and if necessary, the whole body);
I = ice. Ice is effective for the majority of sudden sports injuries as it reduces swelling and inflammation. Apply for 20 minutes at a time, allowing the skin to return to normal in between;
C = compression. Using an elastic bandage to apply compression can help to reduce swelling;
E = elevation. Elevate the injured area so that it is above the heart. This will also help to reduce swelling.